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Reality Experience



The pages “Reality Experience” of the EE JOURNAL collects the stories of doing enterprise and in teaching for the entrepreneurship. The way in which the lived situations were “felt”, the situations that became memorable and that has brought to design the future.

If you feel you have a story to tell and share with others about EXPERIENCE for ENTREPRENEURSHIP, write to, we will be happy to create a learning experience with you.

Together with the “prehendere” (“taking”) of learning and of doing entreprise, we find “trying”. Thus the derivation of the word from the latin (“experientia”, “experiens”, “experiri”, that is to try, to experience).

Therefore, it is a “try”, or, better, an experience, in the most genuine sense of having an experience that allows me to know and express a judgment of quality on what is opening up to us, on the quality of the satisfaction we receive from a research story. Here is the potential of every experimentation action, a try guided by the evaluation of the correspondence between what happens and what I feel as my “needs and desires”.

The human person lives the experience as a “divergent” phase, in which she or he  collects all the available possibilities, found into the trajectory, to better understand the own needs and desires.

Experience is extremely precious in learning to do entreprise because, beyond the final judgment, it is necessary to bring out more and more to one’s awareness what we really want and what we really need.

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ENTREPRENEURSHIP, as a competence, APPLIES TO ALL SPHERES OF LIFE. It enables citizens to nurture their personal development, to actively contribute to social development, to enter the job market as employee or as self-employed, and to start-up or scale-up ventures which may have a cultural, social or commercial motive.


Whatever challenge, with a significant personal and social impact, can become a power entrepreneurial adventure to be faced together.

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