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Education & Orientation


The “Education & Orientation” pages of the EE JOURNAL narrate experiences for entrepreneurship adopted by European schools,  universities and by other educational organizations. The presentation of cases addressed by the different organizations can facilitate evaluation and choice. The richness of the cases derives precisely from the cultures rooted in the territories and in the educational groups.

If you feel you have a story to tell and share with others about EDUCATION for ENTREPRENEURSHIP, write to, we will be happy to create a learning experience with you.


In their Latin etymology the words learn (“aprehendere”) and to do entreprise (“intra-prehendere”) have aspects in common, namely “prehendere”, that is “to take”.

The way in which human persons learn naturally is in their integral involvement, in reality, driven by internal motivation, adding knowledge and experience which then convert into new awareness and competence. This also happens in doing business, a real learning experience, which occurs recurrently, in a spiral, returning to the problems to look for solutions and always in a different way, evolving.

The Union of European States has recommended its members to consider the importance of entrepreneurial competence for the social and economic development and the fulfillment of people. Most of European countries have adopted targets for entrepreneurial competencies for all schools and universities in which is mandatory the achievement of a diploma with legal value. Feedback in this way are rare, but there are many schools and universities that have experimented innovative initiatives.

Knowing the educational projects for entrepreneurship, carried out by schools and universities, in particular those projects that have had a positive impact, can support prospect teachers and trainers such as future entrepreneurs.

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ENTREPRENEURSHIP, as a competence, APPLIES TO ALL SPHERES OF LIFE. It enables citizens to nurture their personal development, to actively contribute to social development, to enter the job market as employee or as self-employed, and to start-up or scale-up ventures which may have a cultural, social or commercial motive.


Whatever challenge, with a significant personal and social impact, can become a power entrepreneurial adventure to be faced together.

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