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The “Creative Approaches” pages of the EE JOURNAL tell stories of groups or individuals who have adopted design approaches to explore the entrepreneurial experience, entrepreneurial ideas and the realization of new projects.

If you feel you have a story to tell and share with others about DESIGN for ENTREPRENEURSHIP, write to, we will be happy to create a learning experience with you.

The way in which people have established that they can know the problems of their existence and coexistence has adapted over time. It was clear in the ancient Greek civilization, recognized by many theorists as the most erudite and cultured civilization ever, a harbinger of diversified intelligences and above all for the almost absolute value attributed to the society.

In this way of being for others, as well as for themselves, the human person has created the most wonderful and memorable feats.

We remember the great personalities, geniuses who gave their talent to humanity with revolutionary innovations. We will always be enriched by such innovators but more and more silent and collective phenomena are observed in creating innovation,  communities, groups or friends driven by overflowing energy and understanding.

Design, as an open approach to building knowledge with others, has shown its potential in thinking about the problems of our civilization and of man, bent by a pressing technical culture.

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ENTREPRENEURSHIP, as a competence, APPLIES TO ALL SPHERES OF LIFE. It enables citizens to nurture their personal development, to actively contribute to social development, to enter the job market as employee or as self-employed, and to start-up or scale-up ventures which may have a cultural, social or commercial motive.


Whatever challenge, with a significant personal and social impact, can become a power entrepreneurial adventure to be faced together.

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