DWAY aims to facilitate peer learning and exchange among individuals and groups to have a positive impact on all spheres of life, from nurturing personal development, to actively participating in society, to (re)entering the job market as an employee or as a self-employed person, and also to starting up ventures (cultural, social or commercial).

It welcomes and links 15 Expert Communities related to key areas of expertise to support the entrepreneurial experience of different stakeholders. Such an organization, by community of expertise divided in blocks of competencies, supports the idea that entrepreneurship can be learned at all levels.

The EntreComp Approach

The EntreComp study was launched to establish a common reference framework for entrepreneurship as a competence to help citizens to develop their ability to actively participate in society, to manage their own lives and careers and to start value-creating initiatives.

It was launched by the JRC on behalf of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, in January 2015 to build a bridge between the worlds of education and work, by contributing to a better understanding and promotion of entrepreneurship competence in Europe.

The conceptualisation of entrepreneurship as a competence was therefore the stepping stone for the development of a reference framework in which entrepreneurship is understood as a transversal key competence applicable by individuals and groups, including existing organisations, across all spheres of life,

Entrepreneurship is when you act upon opportunities and ideas and transform them into value for others. The value that is created can be financial, cultural, or social (FFE-YE, 2012)

This definition focuses on value creation, no matter what type of value or context. It covers value creation in any domain and possible value chain. It refers to value creation in the private, public and third sectors and in any hybrid combination of the three. It thus embraces different types of entrepreneurship, including intrapreneurship, social entrepreneurship, green and digital entrepreneurship.

Individual Paths

The competencie’s communities support the entrepreneurial experience by articulating personalized paths for specific needs. These needs can be expressed by potential entrepreneurs but also by coaches, teachers, researchers and other stakeholders. For each one, the path will be chosen and shared with the involvement of the communities that better respond to the competencies’ path.

Ideas and Opportunities

Spotting opportunities

Use your imagination and abilities to identify opportunities for creating value  


Develop creative and purposeful ideas


Work towards your vision of the future

Valuing ideas

Make the most of ideas and opportunities

Ethical and sustainable thinking  

Assess the consequences and impact of ideas, opportunities and actions


Self-awareness and self-efficacy

Believe in yourself and keep developing


Motivation and perseverance  

Stay focused and don’t give up

Mobilizing resources

Gather and manage the resources you need

Financial and economic literacy  

Develop financial and economic know how

Mobilizing others  

Inspire, enthuse and get others on board


Taking the initiative  

Go for it  

Planning and management

Prioritize, organize and follow-up  

Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk

Make decisions dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk

Working with others  

Team up, collaborate and network

Working with others  

Team up, collaborate and network

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ENTREPRENEURSHIP, as a competence, APPLIES TO ALL SPHERES OF LIFE. It enables citizens to nurture their personal development, to actively contribute to social development, to enter the job market as employee or as self-employed, and to start-up or scale-up ventures which may have a cultural, social or commercial motive.


Whatever challenge, with a significant personal and social impact, can become a power entrepreneurial adventure to be faced together.

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